Being a librarian has been a dream of mine since I was young and enamored with the idea of a neatly organized and endless supply of books. In college, though, I discovered the Google Books project and a new obsession. Making the sum of the world's knowledge more available, more accessible, more discoverable to more people... that was something I could dedicate my life to. The Google Books project is done for now, but libraries all over the world are engaged in incredibly exciting initiatives that are even better. More thoughtful. More open. More sustainable.

Digital scholarship and open access are my twin passions. Whether it's managing digital repositories, consulting on digital humanities or eScience projects, or teaching students about Creative Commons, I count myself incredibly lucky to work in a field that fulfills me professionally, personally, intellectually, and socially. Being a librarian isn't just what I do. It's who I am. Not a gatekeeper, but a facilitator. Restrictions are uninteresting; I'm more interested in what we can do. Better yet, what we can do together!

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Mary Frances Ruth Gaede is far too much of a mouthful for everyday use, so it's just Franny. I grew up in the southwest, learning how to get sunburned in no more than 15 minutes. I attended the University of Arizona for most of my undergrad in history, finishing up at University of Texas at Austin. I focused on Russian history and took two years of Russian language that I'm trying desperately to keep with a daily dose of Duolingo. I stayed in Austin to complete my Masters degree in Information Science, with a focus on digital libraries. There, I became fascinated with technology and startup culture and learned to love breakfast tacos. 

These days, I live in Eugene, Oregon where I serve as University of Oregon Libraries' Head of Digital Scholarship Services.