Whether I’m building sustainable technical infrastructure for digital humanities projects, consulting on faculty projects, or teaching about Creative Commons or fair use, I count myself incredibly lucky to work in a field that fulfills me professionally, personally, intellectually, and socially. Being a librarian isn't just what I do. It's who I am. Not a gatekeeper, but a facilitator. Restrictions are uninteresting; I'm more interested in what we can do. Better yet, what we can do together!

I care deeply about digital scholarship and open access, which make the work of my scholarly community more accessible to the communities in which we are embedded. I believe our continued engagement is absolutely vital to the health of our society and am dedicated to creating safe and enriching spaces for that engagement to occur.

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Mary Frances Ruth Gaede is far too much of a mouthful for everyday use, so it's just Franny. I grew up in the southwest, learning how to get sunburned in no more than 15 minutes. I attended the University of Arizona for most of my undergrad in History, finishing up at University of Texas at Austin. I loved Russian history and took two years of Russian language that I'm trying to keep with a daily dose of Duolingo. I stayed in Austin to complete my Master of Science in Information Studies, with a focus on digital libraries. There, I became fascinated with technology and startups and learned to love breakfast tacos. 

These days, I live in Eugene, Oregon with my partner and two adorable kittens and serve as University of Oregon Libraries' Head of Digital Scholarship Services.